This document contains information about the IoT service supported in Handel. This Handel service currently provisions IoT topic rules that can invoke things like Lambda functions.

Service Limitations

This Handel service is quite new, and as such doesn’t support all of IoT yet. In particular, the following are not supported:

  • Creating IoT Things.
  • Creating IoT Certificates.
  • Creating IoT Policies.


Parameter Type Required Default Description
type string Yes   This must always be iot for this service type.

Example Handel File

The following example shows setting up an IoT topic rule to produce to a Lambda:

version: 1

name: my-topic-rule

      type: iot
      - service_name: function
        sql: "select * from 'something';"
      type: lambda
      path_to_code: .
      handler: index.handler
      runtime: nodejs6.10

Depending on this service

The IoT service cannot currently be specified as a dependency by any other services. It is currently only functioning as an event producer for other services such as Lambda.

Events produced by this service

The IoT service can produce events to the following service types:

  • Lambda

Event consumer parameters

When specifying event consumers on the IoT service, you may specify the following parameters:

Parameter Type Required Default Description
service_name string Yes   This is the name of the service in your Handel file to which you would like to produce events.
sql string Yes   This is where you specify the IoT-compatible SQL statement that will cause your rule to fire.
description string No AWS IoT rule created by Handel. The description for the topic rule payload.
rule_disabled: boolean No false This defines whether the topic rule is currently enabled or disabled.

Events consumed by this service

The IoT service cannot currently consume events from other services.