SNS (Simple Notification Service)

This document contains information about the SNS service supported in Handel. This Handel service provisions an SNS topic for use by your applications.


Parameter Type Required Default Description
type string Yes   This must always be sns for this service type.
subscriptions Subscriptions No   An optional list of statically-defined subscriptions. You can also dynamically add subscriptions in your application code.


The Subscription element is defined by the following schema:

  - endpoint: <string>
    protocol: <http|https|email|email-json|sms>

See the SNS subscription documentation for full details on configuring endpoints and protocols.


Protocols sqs, application, and lambda are supported through Service Events.

Example Handel File

This Handel file shows an SQS service being configured:

version: 1

name: my-sns-topic

      type: sns
        - endpoint:
          protocol: email

Depending on this service

This service outputs the following environment variables:

Environment Variable Description
<SERVICE_NAME>_TOPIC_ARN The AWS ARN of the created topic
<SERVICE_NAME>_TOPIC_NAME The name of the created topic

See Environment Variable Names for information about how the service name is included in the environment variable name.

Events produced by this service

The SNS service currently produces events for the following services types:

  • SQS
  • Lambda

Events consumed by this service

The SNS service currently consumes events for the following service types:

  • CloudWatch Events