Welcome to Handel’s documentation!

Handel is a library that orchestrates your AWS deployments so you don’t have to.

Handel is built on top of CloudFormation with an aim towards easier AWS provisioning and deployments. You give Handel a configuration file (the Handel file) telling it what services you want in your application, and it wires them together for you.

Here’s an example Handel file defining a Beanstalk application to be deployed with an SQS queue and S3 bucket:

version: 1

name: my-first-handel-app

      type: beanstalk
      path_to_code: .
      solution_stack: 64bit Amazon Linux 2016.09 v4.0.1 running Node.js
      - bucket
      - queue
      type: s3
      type: sqs

From this Handel file, Handel creates the appropriate CloudFormation templates for you, including taking care of all the tricky security bits wiring services together.