Account Config File

Handel requires two pieces of information in order to deploy your application:

  • Your handel.yml file that contains your service specification
  • An account configuration YAML file that contains account-level information for things such as VPCs, subnets, etc.

The account configuration file contains the low-level information that can be shared by all Handel apps deploying to a single account. This file is a bit more tricky to build than your Handel file, as it requires some knowledge of the network topology of your account.

It is best if someone with a knowledge of the account-level network configuration creates this account configuration file. This file can then be shared by all services that deploy in that account.

Defining Your Own Account Config File

It’s best if you can find someone with a good knowledge of VPCs to help define your account config file. If you don’t have a person like that, see Creating Your First Handel App for a tutorial on setting up prerequisite resources and specifying your own account config file.

Account Config File Specification

The account config file is a YAML file that must contain the following information:

account_id: <aws account id>
region: <aws region>
vpc: <id for vpc in which to deploy compute resources>
- <id for subnets in which to deploy public resources>
- <id for subnets in which to deploy private resources>
- <id for subnets in which to deploy data resources>
elasticache_subnet_group: <name of the cache subnet group to use>
ssh_bastion_sg: <id for the SSH bastion security group>