EFS (Elastic File System)

This page contains information about using the EFS (Elastic File System) service in Handel. This service provides an EFS mount for use by other compute services such as ElasticBeanstalk and ECS.


Parameter Type Required Default Description
type string Yes   This must always be efs for this service type.
performance_mode string No general_purpose What kind of performance for the EFS mount. Allowed values: general_purpose, max_io
tags Tags No   Any tags you wish to apply to this EFS mount.


The Tags element is defined by the following schema:

 <your_tag_name>: <your_tag_value>


Handel automatically applies some tags for you. See Default Tags for information about these tags.

Example Handel File

version: 1

name: my-efs-app

      type: efs
      performance_mode: general_purpose
        mytag: myvalue

Depending on this service

The EFS service outputs the following environment variables:

Environment Variable Description
<SERVICE_NAME>_MOUNT_DIR The directory on the host where the EFS volume was mounted.

See Environment Variable Names for information about how the service name is included in the environment variable name.

Events produced by this service

The EFS service does not produce events for other Handel services to consume.

Events consumed by this service

The EFS service does not consume events from other Handel services.